Manuscript Deposition with Judgement, written in English, taken before Nicholas Fortescue and others on behalf of the Dowager Queen Katherine Parr against Nicholas Upton concerning the boundary of rights to fish the River Yealm in Devon, with consideration of maintenance of a weir, in the parish of Yealmpton in South Devon during the first months of the reign of Edward VI.

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Folio, 1 1/2 pages (approx. 650 words), written in English in a neat legible Secretary hand, has been folded with integral blank leaf (docketed), some dustiness.


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The Manor of Yealmton was held by the Countess of Salisbury, Margaret Pole, in the reign of King Henry VIII but following her execution in 1541 the King gave it as dower first to Katherine Howard and then again to Catherine Parr- the latter being the ‘Queen’s Majesty’ represented here. Under Parr, the land was farmed by one John Rollestone. Nicholas Upton (or Oppetun) had previously been the Administrator of the Manorial landholding for Margaret Pole but on her demise the King compensated Upton by granting him a 21-year lease on land at nearbye Stokenham Park, which bordered Parr’s estate at the said river. The judgement on side 2 upholds the exclusive rights of the Lord of the Manor (i.e. Catherine Parr) to fish the river and it is interesting to note that one of the 4 named decision-makers, Thomas Arundell, was at this time Chancellor of the Household to the Dowager Queen Catherine. The text is written in English, three months in to the reign of Edward VI.