Manuscript titled “Pomposo to Pimposo, A Strange Character! Being A Stricture on his Trimmer Trimmed”.


4to, 16 pages, poem of 304 lines, plus footnotes, written in a bold sloping hand, preserved in straight grain dark blue semi-stiff paper wrappers. Light wear.


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Product Description

The anonymous writer has been the subject of a satirical attack by which he has been portrayed as pompous (i.e. high and mighty). He responds here by characterising his attacker as Pimposo (i.e. little and mean). The writer’s intention is to ‘trim’ the one who has latterly ‘trimmed’ him. The tone is determinedly anti-clerical, suggesting that his attacker might have been a churchman. It appears that the author (Pomposo) has taken umbrage at being criticised for having recently remarried following the death of his first wife: ‘Tis said- What’s said? That Pompo wed A second wife, the first being dead: But she is young, & is what not, And she is you can’t tell what’. (lines 165-168, p. 9). These lines serve to introduce another 6 pages of hard-hitting satire against ‘Pimposo’ which take us to a belittling finale. At the end of the poem the author writes a satirical “Advertisement” for a forthcoming ‘publication’ titled ‘The Ballad Makers’ about four comical characters including one ‘Parson Skip-jack’. The entire manuscript is presented as if for publication but was never, as far as we can ascertain, printed. Given the often vitriolic nature of this poem, there might have been a risk of litigious consequences- which might explain its anonymous unpublished status. Undoubtedly ripe for further research.