CHARLES V, Emperor.

Formula Reformationis per Caesaream Maiestatem Statibus Ecclessiasticis in Comitiis Augustanis ad deliberandum proposita, & ab eisdem, ut pact publicae consulerent, & per eam Ecclesiarum, ac Cleri sui utilitati commodius prouiderent, probata & recepta.

Excudebat Iuo Schoeffer

First edition?, folio, fine woodcut vignette within title, fine woodcut initial letter, (4), 21 leavesm disbound.


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Following the advance of Protestantism after the Reformation, Emperor Charles V was determined to make the Protestants return to the Catholic Church. The counter Reformation had begun with the Council of Trent in 1545 but agreement between the factions was not forthcoming. The Diet of Augsburg in 1548 saw the publication of this Formula known as the “Interim” which was concilliatory towards the Protestants but retained the Roman Catholic ritual in general. Although Charles believed that he had granted far-reaching concessions to the people and the Protestant authorities in this document, his main concern was to entreat the Protestants back to the Roman Catholic Church.