The Convention between the Crowns of Great Britain and Spain, concluded at the Pardo on the 14th of January 1739. The King of Great Britain’s Full Power. The King of Spain’s Full Power. The two separate articles belonging to the convention. His Britannick Majesty’s Ratification of the Convention. His Catholick Majesty’s Ratification of the Convention. And their Britannick and Catholick Majesties several and respective Ratifications of the two separate articles. Published by Authority.

London, by Samuel Buckley,

Quarto, 28 pp., short tear to margin of the first page, not affecting any text, part printed in triple column in French, Spanish and English, and part printed in double column in Latin and English, disbound.


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An important Convention. The opening lines of the text outline the problems that the Convention is to deal with: •Whereas differences have arisen, of late years, between the two Crowns of Great Britain and Spain, on account of the visiting, searching, and taking of vessels, the seizing of effects, the regulating of limits, and other grievances alleged on each side, as well in the West Indies, as elsewhere; which differences are so serious, and of such a Nature that if care be not taken to put an entire stop to them for the present, and to prevent them for the future, they might occasion an open Rupture between the said Crowns’. Suitable compensation was agreed by both parties for past problems, discussions were had over border disputes including those of Florida and the Carolinas and American trade and navigation routes. Officers were ordered to meet in London six weeks after the date of the Convention to ratify the orders of the convention. Sabin 16195. Not in European Americana.