SYMMER,. Andrew

Manuscript Report written by the newly appointed King’s Agent for the Turks Islands on the dislocation of Trade caused by the British Government having closed the West Indian ports to French and Spanish shipping.

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Single leaf, large 4to., 47 lines, (approx 400+ words), written both sides, holograph.


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Andrew Symmer was appointed King’s Agent for the Turks Islands in November 1766. In this document, Symmer argues that the restrictions imposed on the French and Spanish vessels is doing damage to the British Colonies who rely on the trade of supplying these vessels, and the fear is that that trade will go to the Dutch Colonies. Symmer sets out proposals to rectify this embargo by allowing some ports to do trade with vessels only of a certain tonnage. He ends the report by setting out his requirements and cost for buliding a Fort on Turks Island. Signed at end ñAndr. Symmerî. We have compared the handwriting of this document with that of Symmer’s ñReport on the strategic and commercial importance of the Turks Islandsî held by Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archives and they are identical. Provenance. From the Library of Sir Thomas Phillipps.