A manuscript plane titled ñA Short Tretis of Salt mad(e) from Brine raised by the Sun Pan and Embodyed by Fireî, setting out in detail how to place, set out and make the Pan work, together with economic advice on how to make it work.

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4to., 7 pages (approx. 2500 words), written in a neat sloping hand with tables, has been slightly cropped where it has at some time been bound with other pieces, but the slight loss of text can be deciphered.


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A manuscript treatise regarding the processing of sea salt harvested at •Lemmington’ (i.e. Lymington in the New Forest) and near Portsmouth at Portsea Island. The unidentified author sets out in detail how to select a site, how to set it up and run it with good advice on the means of making the pan pay with some sample economic tables. The principle purpose of the proposal was to improve the supply of salt to the fishing industry. The writer’s final paragraph encourages the use of these pans: •We have too long neglected to work on these Golden Miles of Ours that our mighty home Fishery Round Great Britain & Ireland wch in a few years successfully carry’d on According to Capt. Laycock’s Proposal or late Plan will exceed All the Fisherys in Europe & in short time make His Majesties Kingdoms Impregnable!’ It is of interest to compare what is detailed here with the descriptions of salt mining in Lymington written during visits to the town by Celia Fiennes (c. 1695) and Daniel Defoe (c. 1725). The last of Lymington’s •salt houses’ closed in 1865. The reference to Capt. Laycock relates to a rare tract recorded in ESTC as ñThe proceeding of Martin Laycock, Esq. towards obtaining a Charter of Incorporation for a grand State Fishing Companyî (c. 1721) (Columbia University copy only).