BUTLER, Alban.

A Chronological Index for the Rev. Alban Butler’s Lives of the Saints: containing the Name of the Popes; Roman Emperors; Emperors of the East and West; Kings of England and of France; Martyrs; Holy Fathers, and other Ecclesiastical Writers; Saints of England, Scotland and Ireland, and of other Countries, – who are mentioned in Butler’s Lives of the Saints, or who have existed since the commencement of the Christian Aera to the present time:- The Principal Heretics :- The General Councils, Remarkable Events, Persecutions, &c. that have taken place during the above period; including also the Doctrine and Discipline; Religious Institutes, and other Miscellaneous Subjects which occur in the History of each Age of the Church.

Edinburgh by J. Moir for Keatings and Brown, E.Booker, London & F.Coates, Newcastle.

Sole edition, 8vo., 96 pp., interleaved with blanks, disbound.


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A comprehensive Index of Butler’s “Lives of the Saints” exhibiting a sketch of a regular history of the Christian Church. It is divided into Eighteen Ages or Centuries, and each age comprises the principal objects of Church History. Tese are classed under Ten General Heads. ESTC (L, E, Di; and National Library of Australia – only – No copy in America).