CASSANO, Alexander.

A Long and detailed Autograph Letter in which the writer, an Auctioneer and Emigre from Austria fleeing Napoleon’s Europe , is seeking a Certificate from the State Office to show that causes other than High Treason have brought about his order of Transportation from the British Dominions.

22 Piccadilly

Folio, 2 1/2 pages, (approx 900 words), holograph, trifle dusty, has been folded.


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Product Description

In this long and detailed Autograph addressed to “My Lord”, the Austrian Auctioneer sets out his case for receiving the Certificate. He claims that he has lost his father and brother in the defence of the Austrian Monarch against Napoleon’s French, he himself was imprisoned as a prisoner of war five times! Having been accepted in England as an emigre, he set up his Auction Rooms in Piccadilly. There he was approached by a Member of Parliament to let his Auction Rooms for a Debating Society. He approached Lord Spencer in the Lord’s Department and also Sir Richard Ford (Justice of Bow), and Mr. Conant who declared that he could let his room with safety. After only 3 meetings he had a court order brought against him but after objections was considered innocent. However charges were brought against him by the Board of Customs which he could not pay. He disappeared for 15 months but on his return could not pay his rental on the Auction Rooms. The question of the Debating Society arose again and he declares “for the sole purpose of satisfying my Creditors, I conducted on my Acct the Debating Society but always guarded to bring forward any question bordering in the least on the measures of Government”. If he can get the Certificate he intends to seek asylum in Spain under the protection of General Damero, a brother to his Godfather. A ship is viable to carry him to Cadiz. Debating Societies at this time were considered to hold Radical views towards Government and it is noticeable that the Member of Parliament is not named. The British Library holds printed copies of two Auctions which were held by Cassano at his Auction Rooms. (1803 & 1806)