DOUAREN, Francois

De Sacris Ecclesiae Ministeriis ac Beneficiis Libri VIII. in quibus quiucquid ad plenam Juris Pontificii cognitionem necessarium est, breuiter ac dilucide explicatum continenteur. Item, pro Libertate Ecclesiae Gallicae adversus Romanaem aulam DefensioParisiensis curriae, Ludouci XI Gallorum Regi quondam oblata. Authore Francisco Duareno Jureconsulto, & ordinario Juris ciuilis Doctore in ciuitate Biturig. Opus ab authre denuo auctum ac emendatum. His Insuper Petri Rebuffi Juris Utriusque doctoris tractatum de decimus visum est annectere.

Impensis G.Bishop

First edition printed in England, 8vo., (12), 113, 68ll, bound in contemp. calf, blind tooled device on each board, some wear with partial stripping of spine piece.


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The first printing in England of an important work on the study of Law by Francois Douaren (1509-1550) Jurist and Professor of Law at the University of Bourges. He was one of the leading representatives of the legal humanist school of thought within the science of Roman Law on the European Continent. The 16th Century French Law Professors including Douaren, applied the philological methods of the Italian Humanists to legal texts with an aim of arriving at a more accurate understanding of the texts of the Roman Corpus Juris Civilis. The second part by Pierre Rebuffi has a separate sub title. STC 7262