A Manuscript Commonplace Book of Poetry, Epigrams, Anecdotes, Riddles, &c., some prose pieces and an interesting collection of articles taken and copied from Newspapers and Magazines from the Northern part of England.

Manchester area?

8vo., 367 pages written throughout in one neat sloping hand, two thirds of the pages containing the Newspaper articles and prose pieces written from one end of the volume, and the remaining pages containing the poetry written from the other end of the volume, the whole (which is lacking the first page of the Newspaper articles) is unbound.


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A most interesting collection of articles mostly collected from obscure sources which gives an interesting insight into the reading of John Faulkner, an educated man. The Newspaper and Magazine articles are mostly taken from the Chester Chronicle, Sheffield Register or Manchester Gazetteer. Faulkner has written as a preamble to the collection :- ” Jno Faulkner’s Book Steal not this Book for fear of shame Mr Faulkner is the owners name And if you do it steal away Remember! at the last great Day That Jesus Christ will to you say Where is that Book you stole away From Jno Faulkner.”