A substantial Manuscript Journal of almost daily thoughts of a devout Christian covering a 3 year period, together with the first two chapters of a novel titled •Glendower’ by the same pen.

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4to., manuscript journal of 305 pages (approx. 85,000 words) together with tale •Gendower’, 33 pages (approx. 10,000 words) written throughout in the same neat sloping hand, bound in quarter roan morocco, marbled paper sides.


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A substantial almost daily journal of religious musings by a devout Christian. The writer has noted sources throughout for many of his thoughts viz. Thomas a Kempis, H. More, Sherlock, Doddridge &c. The tale •Glendower’ in two chapters may well be a finished work and appears to be unpublished. At one point the author enters the following into the journal: •This other day of August 1830 I have finished my story of ñThurnhamî, the intention of it, my conscience tells me, is good . .’ He adds that he began the latter story in February 1829 when •in affliction’ and the fact that this particular story is also referred to in the opening paragraph of ñGlendowerî provides matter for further research.