Manuscript titled “Notes on Photography”.


8vo., 93 written pages (approx. 10,500 words) written in one neat hand, bound in contemporary half black roan morocco.


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Product Description

A comprehensive manual of every stage in the photographic process dated 1891 and therefore compiled towards the end of the Wet Collodian plate process period (the next phase, that of the Dry Collodian plate process, was initiated in 1894 by Robert Norris). The manual contains detailed notes on the collodionising of photographic plates; exposure rates; outdoor and indoor lighting; technical tips on landscapes and portraiture; developing with Pyro, Bromide and Ammonia; fixing and toning baths; silver printing and mounting; platinum printing; enlarging on bromide; carbon printing; zinc work; transparencies; albumen and enamel printing. At the rear of the volume are two pages of instructions to determine the F-stop steps of lenses, complete with the appropriate mathematical formulae. Tipped inside is an unsigned holograph sheet of notes on etching in a different hand written at a later date (early 20th Century) on the headed notepaper of the School of Photo-Engraving and Lithography at 6 Bolt Court in Fleet Street, London. This manual is self-evidently the product of one with an all-embracing knowledge of photographic techniques in the last years of the 19th Century and as such offers valuable insights into the methodologies of the period.