Manuscript of the Will and Testament of John Wilkes of Milland House, Sussex, author of ñEncyclopedia Londinensisî.

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Large folio, 12 pages of text, mostly written recto only, Secretary hand, each page signed by Wilkes, some light dustiness, stitched.


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John Wilkes was the author of ñEncyclopedia Londinensisî, published between 1810 and 1829 in 24 volumes. In his will he bequests – ñunto Joseph Jones my managing Editor of my publications Twenty five pounds and the my Clerk John Can the like sum of twenty five pounds requesting that the said Joseph Jones will go on with and continue the Editing and Compiling the residue of my work entitled Encyclopediae Londinensis to the full end and conclusion thereof on the same plan and after the same manner it hath been Edited and Compiled by myself and also to conclude and finish any other of my works or compilations remaining unfinished at the time of my decease and that the said John Carr will continue to conduct the Sale and delivery of the said Works to the Wholesale Booksellers for ready money only………. in my house in Ave Maria Lane in the City of Londonî. A prospectus for the Encyclopedia had been issued in 1795 and Wilkes’s other publication was The Universal Directory of Trade & Commerce 1790. The remainder of the will is devoted to the dispersal of his other assets including properties. The document was drawn up by the lawyers ñRhodes of Chichesterî and would presumably been one of several copies.