The Report of the Committee of the House of Commons, To Whom It was referred to consider of the Humble Petitions of several Creditors and Proprietors of Principal Mony, Annuities and Shares in the Mine-Adventure of England; With the Resolutions of the House of Commons thereupon.

London for Jacob Tonson, Timothy Goodwin, Joshua Lintott, and John Pemberton.

Folio, (2), 19, (3)pp., disbound.


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The response to a Petition to look into the affairs of the Company who had purchased a Lease of Lead and Copper Mines in Mid-Wales on the Estate of the late Sir Carbery Price. Sir Humphrey Mackworth along with his Manager, William Waller, were the subject of a Parliamentary investigation and by a vote of the House of Commons were voted guily of many frauds in violation of the Company’s Charter.