ONSLOW, George

A most interesting and important Autograph Letter written to the Lawyer Thomas Adams at Alnwick in which he discusses the Political Situation at the time expressing dismay and uncertainty on the outcome of the Coalition between Fox and Pitt.


4to., 5 pages, approx 750 words, entirely holograph, address page, dust line from fold, with postmark and seal.


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George Onslow, First Earl of Onslow (1731-1814). Onslow is seriously concerned for the outcome of the Political crisis. “I must be a paricide if I could patiently & without honour see the House of Commons in danger of being annihilated or lowered in the scale of the Constitution”. He is also worried about the effect on the Crown: “On the other side I tremble at any Diminuation of the due Prerogative of the Crown . . . One great evil which shocks me is the appealing to the People at large against the Representative Body of them”. Fox started this some “2 or 3 years ago & is now used as a weapon against him”. He also refers to the judgement of Lord Mansfield’s conduct on those matters. It is clear from the tone of this letter that Onslow and Adams are already well acquainted and even friends for the tone suggests that he is searching for Adams’s opinion.