Manuscript Headed ñArthur Henry Hallams Remains. Tennysonî being an early Critique of Romantic Verse.

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8vo., 8 pages, (approx 1000 words), written in a neat sloping hand, ends trifle dusty.


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This interesting piece was written by an as yet unidentified author in response to his reading a copy of ñRemains in Verse and Prose of Arthur Henry Hallamî (first published in 1834 and reprinted in 1853). The dating of this manuscript to the 1850’s would suggest the writer was reading the reprint. The text opens as follows: ñThe admirers of Wordsworth assent that the highest species of poetry is reflective. Not soî. The first six pages develop this Statement into a critical argument in favour of a poetry ñfull of deep and varied melodiesî. Half way down page 7 the author starts a list titled ñFive excellencies of Tennysonî, detailing five qualities which he believes marks Tennyson as an exemplar of the kind of Poetry he most admires. Finally, the author extracts a quotation from line 10 on page 149 of Hallam’s Remains, ñA man…….. is always other and more than his opinionsî, to which he adds the comment ñOpinion is often the product of an exhausted not an energetic condition of mindî The extract is from Hallam’s ñEssay on the Philosophical Writings of Ciceroî and the ñenergetic condition of mindî is evidently what the author champions in written verse. An important piece well worth further research.