Manuscript volume in three parts commencing with a Dictionary of Medical Terms, followed by a Latin-English Medical Lexicon, and concluding with a section of “Abbreviations & Contractions”.


8vo., 168 pages including a few blanks, written throughout in the same neat hand, (the final 44 pages loosely inserted at the end), handsomely bound in contemp. full rust coloured morocco, light wear.


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Product Description

This is a well-ordered composition written by a person with extensive medical knowledge. It has been written clearly without corrections as though to replace a printed piece. This is certainly not a student’s work but may well have been written for the benefit of one. The writer obviously purchased a bound volume of blank leaves in which he commenced to write his treatise. However, he reached the end of the blanks when he had only reached the middle of the letter “P” in the lexicon. This is completed on a stitched quire of 12 leaves. The second stitched quire of ten leaves contains his “ Abbreviations and Contractions”. Both quires have been loosely inserted to complete the work. The paper on which this is written is laid paper. The style of writing and the style of binding would put this item at the early 19th Century. There is no indication of a writer’s name. A volume well worth further research!