The Rival Candidates.

(London) by W.Humphrey

Broadside, oblong folio, engraved from a drawing by Thomas Rowlandson, hand coloured ( probably later colouring), printed one side as issued.


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Product Description

A Satire on Sir Cecil Wray (1734 – 1805) a strong opponent of the American War for his desertion of Fox. The satire was issued during the poll for the Westminster Election of 1784, described as the most famous of all Political contests. Wray through the influence of Fox had held the seat from 1782 till 1784, but he had denounced the coalition between Fox and North. At the close of Poll on the 17th May 1784 Wray found himself bottom of the poll and demanded a scrutiny which although granted was not abandoned until 3rd March 1785. Wray is described in the satire as “Judas Iscariot”. BM No 6510